Cookies Policy


“Cookies” are small text files that are stored by the user’s computer browser. kZoomi uses cookies with limited and specific purposes, such as enhancing the browsing on the website, using login actions (helping the user remember their username and password), improving internal security, managing the systems, and last but not less important, analyzing user behavior to improve our web content based on user’s preferences.

kZoomi’s cookies cannot be used to download malicious software on the user’s computer, nor in any way do they allow control of the user’s computer in kZoomi’s name. kZoomi is unable to use cookies to access to information stored on the user’s computer, storing information in the computer or controlling the user’s operations in them. This Privacy Policy section applies to cookies and any other tracking technology that kZoomi may use, as well as the user’s computer and any other device used by the latter to access to kZoomi website.
“Session cookies” are temporary cookie files, which are erased automatically when the user closes the browser. Session cookies do not collect any information stored on the user’s computer.
Cookies used when users log in the website collect personal data that allow kZoomi to recognize them, in case of a revisit at a later time, and are used to enhance the browsing experience and the procedure during login. This information helps to determine which sections of the Website are of greater interest to the user, in order to offer a personalized visit and publishing information on it. Finally, they are used for security purposes and all management actions detailed in the above paragraphs.
This website may contain links to other websites. kZoomi do not have control over cookies, web beacons or any other tracking technologies used by third-party websites that can be accessed through kZoomi. kZoomi is unable to control the availability, content or material published or obtained through them. At the same time, kZoomi cannot manage the conditions under which the third parties carry out the processing of the user’s personal data, and expressly declines any responsibility in this regard.
As the above Cookie Policy applies exclusively to kZoomi website, kZoomi invites users to consult the privacy policy of all third-party websites accessed through kZoomi, as well as to inquire about the conditions of collection and processing of user’s personal data. Most browsers automatically accept cookies, although the user can disable this option on their browser settings.