Training Recipe Book

Technical approaches for different levels.

Training Recipe Book

Technical approaches for different levels.


Before putting into action any training approach, you should ask yourself the following questions:

  • Do you really know what your aquatic gestures are like?
  • How much time do you have?
  • Are your goals realistic or will they increase your level of anxiety modifying your emotional balance?

If you are a swimmer or triathlete and you train to improve your physical, technical or emotional condition, look for the best application that fits your purposes. Always bear in mind that training should aim at being a bigger and better person, and for that, you should be honest and respectful with your personal situation (family, work, studies and rational sports purposes).

Volumes and intensities related to our recipes can and should be flexible, depending on the time of training. Every day is different and although we must be demanding, we must act and respond according to our physical, mental and emotional conditions. Implication in the correct gesture, without realizing it, improves different metabolic factors.​

Even if you are a high level triathlete or swimmer, you can take part in another level of training as a "change of stimulation" session, it always comes in handy... On the contrary, doing more work in less optimal technical conditions can harm your evolution.

Our most sincere intentions go through offering sessions that improve your sensitivity and perception​ towards the most appropriate gestures and biomechanics of each stroke, implicit in typical tasks that can purely improve physiological aspects. But we do not intend to base the work on cycles, seasons, competition objectives or physical condition enhancement.

"Evolving is getting excited while integrating organized learning. In this way, clear information will leave its mark on us. Contents of kZoomi's Blog and Method will provide you with understanding and a different way of perceiving the training process."

main ingredients

​      SUMMA Proficient Haptic Perception (S)

​     AQUOR Hands Haptic Perception (Q)

   NEXU Alliance Haptic Perception (X)


To get access to the recipes, please visit our Training Guide.

The best doping... Resting.

Sometimes, the best training... Not training.

Any task is highly constructive when done with passion, positive emotion and great involvement of technical execution. Besides respecting rhythms.

It is smart to differentiate and choose between what is important and what is indispensable.

J. Bonal Pedrón